Manage Favourites

Manage Favourites

On the Favourites screen you can change which devices Favourites are avaiable on, delete Favourites and edit Personal StreamsNew Favourites can be added using the Stations and Podcasts tabs.

Sorting Favourites & Personal Streams

Favourites and Personal Streams can be sorted alphabetically, or if you can sort them individually by hand.  Use the Alphabetically or Custom buttons to change this.  When Custom is selected each Favourite has an icon beside it to allow you to drag it to change the sort order:

You can also put Favourites and Personal Streams into folders.  Use the New Directory option at the bottom of the screen to create directories.  Favourites and Personal Streams can then be moved between directories.

Deleting a Favourite or Personal Stream

A favourite can be removed from an Individual Device, or the Shared Favourites group, by clicking the red trash can icon.

Editing a Favourite or Personal Stream

Clicking the Heart icon (Favourite) or Edit icon (Personal Stream) will let you edit it.  On that screen you can chose which devices the Favourite or Personal Stream is available on.

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    • I am no longer able to manage my Favourites via the website?

      Favourites and My Added Stations are available again.  Please visit the new portal at