The Favourites portal provides a great way to explore the Internet Radio & Podcast catalogue and save stations & podcasts to your device.  If you have more than one device you can synchronise the favourites across your devices, or choose to keep them separate.

The Favourites portal also provides the ability to save Personal Streams which can be internet radio stations not in the catalogue, or streams that you have subscribed to.

Accessing the Favourites Portal

To use the portal you require a Frontier Nuvola account.  Please visit the portal at https://smartradio.frontier-nuvola.net/ and select the Manage Favourites option.

Please note that it is not possible for the Support Portal and the Favourites Portal to use the same usernames and passwords.

If you already have a Frontier Nuvola account then please sign in.  If you do not have an account you will need to follow the Sign Up link to create an account.

Account Sign Up Process

Frontier Nuvola allows you to sign in using services such as Google and Facebook, or to create an account using an email address and password. 

If using an email address and password then please enter your details and click the Sign Up button.  You will then receive an email to confirm your email address.  When you click the confirm button in the email address you will be taken to the Favourite Portal.

Please check your Junk/Spam email folder if the email hasn't arrived within a few minutes.

Signing in via Facebook or Google will not send a confirmation email.  You will be able to access the portal straight away.

Using the Favourites Portal

When you login to the Favourites Portal for the first time you must pair a compatible device to be able to use the service.  Please see this page to pair a device.

If you have already paired a device then you will see the Devices Screen.

User Settings

At the top of the Favourites Portal you will see Help, Account and Logout buttons.  The Account button can be used to change your password etc. and to close your account if you no longer require it.  All information will be automatically deleted if you close your account.

The Help button provides a convenient way to access these Knowledge Base articles.

Using Favourites On Your Devices

Favourites will be accessible in a Favourites menu under Stations and Podcasts.

If you have saved Personal Streams they will be available under Favourites and  My Added Stations.

Favourites are available alongside device Presets.  Please note that Presets do not syncrhonise between devices, and cannot be edited in the Favourites Portal.

Saving Favourites from your device

Some devices support saving the currently playing station as a favourite.  This favourite can then be edited in the web portal later

Please note that for data privacy reasons you must setup an account on the portal before this feature will work.

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