The devices screen shows all of your devices.


A device can be either be independant, or share favourites with other devices.  This can be changed using the Share Favourites Yes/No option.  

Shared Favourites

All devices in the in this section will share Favourites and Personal Streams.

Individual Devices

These devices are independant.  They can have completely different favourites and streams.

Add Another Device

Click the Connect new device button and follow the instructions on this page.

Removing A Device

A device can be removed from your account at any time by clicking on the Unlink Device option for that device.


Editing Favourites

To edit the favourites for Grouped or Individual devices please click the appropriate Manage Favourites button and see this page.

Adding Favourites

To add new favourites to your Grouped or Individual devices go to the Stations or Podcasts option, and follow the instructions on this page.

Adding Personal Streams

Personal Streams can be added following the instructions here.

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